Control Panel

Control Panel v1

With a clear, simple design which is easy to understand and use regardless of age, the Ben-e-Bike control panel found on the TWENTY and TWENTYSIX models is tried, tested and a delight to use.

  • The clear display with its three push buttons controls the degree of power assistance, as well as switching the bike on and off.

  • The maximum support speed can be individually adjusted by the parents. Support speed is adjustable between 6 - 15 mph (for technical reasons the maximum support speed is limited to 20 km / h when using the standard 175 Wh battery).

  • Option to adjust the maximum motor power in the setup menu, allowing the parent to provide suitable output according to the rider's weight.

  • Pushing aid (3.5 mph)

  • 0.6 volt output for optional fitting of front and rear lights.